Thursday, September 18, 2008

An Email Conversation With My Dad

DAD: "We lonely ones got together this evening for a wild night out. Jeremy is out of town so Katie was alone with the kids. Scott was off on an elder's quorum assignment so Melissa was on her own. Melissa called and asked me out on a date to Wendy's. I told her I already had a dinner date with Katie and her crew. So Melissa, Katie, and the kids all went with me to McDonalds (the kids' choice) for a delicious repaste of Mcdelights and good McDonalds ice cream for dessert. Yum."

ME: "Bryan was off on an elders quorum assignment tonight also. He was paid for his service in the form of a BBQ hamburger and chips. I had made a zucchini casserole which I thought was so yummy that I had seconds...even though none of the kids appreciated it. No McDonalds for us.'s kind of yuck for me."

DAD: "McDonalds is yuck? Whose planet do you live on? Have you ever tasted a dollar menu double cheeseburger? Nothing better than that. How about an egg mcmuffin. That's gourmet dining. I love McDonalds. Oh, and need I even mention McDonalds totally superior soft ice cream?
(Full Disclosure: I do prefer a Burger King Whopper to a McDonald's Big Mac, however) "

ME: "Yep, McDonalds really is me, that is. I think Bryan is rubbing off on me. Wendy's and Arby's don't even sound good to me anymore. I guess I'm turning into a food snob or something. Can't handle any kind of fast food. And I'm sorry to say that McDonalds seems to be the symbol of all fast food. It's the one I yucked out on first, anyhow. And yes, if I have to eat fast food, I prefer Burger King hamburgers to McDonalds. And I thought it was Arctic Circle that had the best icecream??"

DAD: "No, Arctic Circle's ice cream is not as good as McDonalds. Yes, you are a food snob. Yes, McDonalds is the symbol for all fast food. But I like fast food. Give me a Subway turkey foot-long with lettuce, pickles, and olives. Yum. Also, a Del Taco 1/2 lb bean and cheese burrito. Love 'em.
Also, I love you even if you are a food snob."


it's a good thing you're cute said...

Food snobs unite! (although every once in awhile you need some McD fries)

MELISSA said...

you can't beat McD's fries in my opinion! and I prefer the BigMac over the whopper most of the time but occasionaly, when I really want to burp onions for days, a Whopper Jr. hits the spot.

April said...

What a great post! I could hear Uncle Greg's voice as I read it :-)

I can't stand fast food either. i haven't had McDonald's since I was in high school. During my pregnancy i finally succumbed to Wendy's since it's right by our house and I'm having a hard time going cold turkey again!

Anonymous said...

I'll agree on the dollar menu double cheese, and the fries are something all their own...sometimes you just need them...but you dad is nuts to think that Arctic Circle isn't TOTALLY superior to McD's icecream!

I'll embrace my foodie snoot with the best of them, but I am all about slumming when I feel the need. Thank heaven's we have the choice!