Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wherein I tell my short, young-looking teenaged daughter..."Someday you will be glad for your youthful look when something like this happens to you..." (Title by Julianne)

I'm going to paint you a picture:

I'm at the high school in the hall outside of the choir room. 
(Rebekah is inside at an audition...but that doesn't really play too much into the picture other than the fact that she isn't with me.)
I'm sitting on the ground leaning against the lockers with my knees bent and my feet on the floor.
I'm wearing knee-high brown boots.  Gray skinny jeans.  A funky, colorful t-shirt.  And my cropped, blue levi jacket. 
My hair is long and pin-straight and I'm wearing big gold hoop earrings.
My arms are leaning against my legs and I'm holding my iPhone which is open to facebook.

Can you see the picture?  I only start with this to point out that apparently in the way I'm dressed and sitting, I look somewhat young.

A high school boy...most likely a senior, comes walking down the hall and takes in this picture of me sitting there.  He has no idea who I am but obviously is friendly and outgoing because, after realizing what classroom I am sitting outside of, he calls out a hello and then, "Good luck on your audition!"

I smile and correct him by saying, "Oh no...I'm not auditioning."  But it is only as he gets closer to me that he says, "Oh!  You're the mom of someone auditioning!!"  And then as he continues down the hall he calls back, "Well, good luck all the same...sometimes auditions are just as hard on the parent as they are on the kid!"

I laugh.  And feel really good about myself. 

Because there is no doubt in my mind that as that boy rounded the corner into the hallway and saw me there, he totally thought I was a teenager!  He realized his mistake fairly quickly.  But still, to be 38 years old and look young enough to be mistaken for a high schooler, even if only for a few seconds...I'll take it! 


Melissa said...

Haha that is awesome! I'll have to tell my best friend it gets better. At 20 she had a lady stop her on campus to say she thought she looked like she should be in high school (and then under her breath said "or middle school), and at 21 and married, she had a woman at wal-mart ask if she was even old enough to work there.

Emily Osborne said...

That's awesome! You are beautiful!

Melissa@thebblog said...

too funny