Sunday, April 1, 2012

Crafting through General Conference

This is how the women of my family spent General Conference on Saturday.  My mother is the Relief Society president in her ward.  To celebrate the birthdays of the ladies she serves, she wanted to give them fridge magnets.  Doing a little math here....three magnets per person times the amount of ladies in the neighborhood equals a good 450 magnets!  So we stayed busy all through the afternoon session, as well as the couple of hours the men were gone to the Priesthood session.  It worked well, actually.  Because I discovered long ago that the best way to watch/listen to conference was...rather than sit in front of the TV and potentially fall asleep to the calming, lulling voices of the keep my hands busy with some mindless task while my brain focuses on the talks.  And then after conference was over, it was of course great fun to chat with my mother, sisters and daughters.  And eat cookies.  Because a girlie, craft day is not complete without cookies.  Just sayin'.

(As for conference...absolutely wonderful!  As it always is.  I am literally counting down the days till I can read my favorites on-line.) 


Mindy said...

What a fun project. I am right there with ya in needing to keep busy, if not, i'm falling asleep too :(

Jenn said...

i like to do some mindless sewing to help me pay attention. sometimes, i take notes too, but that tends to be harder with my little ones running around.