Thursday, April 5, 2012


Well....downtime for the kids, anyhow.  I finished reading Hunger Games to Brandon on Wednesday night.  So this morning I agreed to read to him ONE CHAPTER of Catching Fire.  I read seven.  Which meant that I didn't get dressed till noon.  (Also due to the fact that not a single one of us got out of bed before 10:30.)  Then Rebekah hung out with friends.  Julianne hung out with friends.  Brandon hung out with friends.  All of Lilian's friends are out of town on vacations so she hung out with me.  I had anxiety attacks while realizing that the week was going by far too quickly and I wasn't making even the slightest dent in the my list of things I wanted to accomplish.  So I cleaned my messy house.  And grumped.  And cried a little.  One of the things on my spring break list was to go to the temple with Bryan.  I decided that this was the night it would work out best.  But I didn't want to go.  Truly, deeply, and completely did not want to go.  Because I was grumpy.  And anxiety ridden.  Which is all the more reason why I decided to go regardless....even though I grumped all the way up the mountainside to the temple.  But after our session some sweet temple workers took some time out of their schedules to walk the two of us around and show us some of the artwork newly hung.  It was neat...the artwork itself but also wandering around in areas of the temple that normally I don't go.  Such a beautiful building.  And when we walked out the front door it was twilight with some clouds coming in which made for such interesting lighting around the grounds.  So pretty.  It made my heart feel a little bit better.

And then when we got home (because I had made it clear earlier in the day when I was grumping about all the things I wasn't getting done so I could go to the temple) Bryan helped me make a menu and list and then accompanied me to the grocery store.  At 10:00.  With kids in tow.  We ate dinner at 11:00.  I don't think the kids have been to bed before midnight this entire week.
Seriously, these quick shots I took on my iphone don't even do it justice.  But it's kind of cool how you can look out and see the Great Salt Lake, yes?


Jewels said...

Those are great pictures of the temple. It's interesting how hard the adversary works to keep us from going there.

MELISSA said...

Good for you for going anyway. that's the hard part. And good for you for going out and doing your shopping at night. I would have just called it a bust and plopped on the couch. I don't know how you manage to fit in all that you do! Super-woman. Don't get down because you take a few days off.