Monday, April 16, 2012

Regionals Gymnastics Champion!

I didn't expect it.  I didn't see it coming.  But Brandon took 1st place All Around at REGIONALS!!  After a season of consistently taking 1st place at all local meets, it wasn't too big a stretch to expect a 1st place at the state meet.  Not to diminish that win, because being the level 5 state gymnastics champion is a pretty big, brag-worthy deal!  But regionals...well, that's a bigger to-do.  Our region includes all mens gymnastics programs from Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico and Colorado.  I don't know the official number of gyms that sent competitors but trust me, it was a lot!  So I had been prepping Brandon.  This was our first regional meet and I didn't want the pressure to get to him.  I wanted him to just have fun.  I told him that it was totally okay if he didn't get 1st not even expect it, really.  To just go out there and do his best and enjoy the last meet of the season.  I figured he'd do well.  But with the sheer numbers of competitors and judges who were more than likely a bit more strict, I guessed Brandon would come away celebrating 3rd or 4th place.  And celebrate we would, because 3rd or 4th would be huge!  But though yes, the judges were more strict and Brandon got his lowest scores of the season, he STILL took 1st place!  Brandon's newest Best! Day! Ever!

Regionals were held in Colorado Springs at Air Force Academy so though we were only there from Saturday afternoon to Monday morning, it was still a fun little trip for the three of us...Bryan, Brandon and myself.  Is it weird if I admit to the little thrill I get walking through the airport, wheeling my carry-on suitcase behind me as I prepare to board an airplane that is taking me to a new city?  Those of you who are rolling your eyes are obviously either home-bodies or businessmen who travel far more often and for far less exciting reasons than I.  I have to admit though, the tiny little tube of an airplane we traveled on this weekend was a little bit claustrophobia inducing.  And when the storm clouds over Denver had us bouncing around wildly, I nearly lost my breakfast which is unusual for me.

But driving the hour from Denver to Colorado Springs was beautiful.  And the Air Force Academy campus is absolutely gorgeous, all tucked up on the side of the mountain surrounded by wooded areas.  We ate at some fun restaurants that we don't have at home.  (Elephant Bar?  So yummy!)  Brandon had an awesome (and LOUD) waterfight with a few of his teammates in the hotel pool.  (I soaked in the hot tub...much nicer, in my opinion.)  Brandon and I saw "Titanic" in 3D at a nearby movie theater.  We even found an early Sacrament Meeting to attend on Sunday morning.  It's always fun to walk into a church meeting filled with people you've never met before but still feel completely comfortable and welcomed.  I need to unpack and Lilian refuses to leave my lap...I guess she missed me.  But yay for a fun weekend!  We've returned home happy, proud and (amazingly, somehow) relaxed and ready for a new week.   

Brandon's level 5 team took 2nd place.  The whole team, gym-wide....spanning the whole weekend of region sessions took 5th place overall.  Meaning that the older boys from our gym did darn well also!  WOW!  I think Coaches Adam and Gabe were pleased.  (I also think in this picture they are relieved and very ready for their long and exhausting weekend to be over!  Level 5 was the last session Sunday evening of this Regional competition that started early, early Saturday morning.)


Jill said...

Amazing weekend! Great job, Brandon!

Melissa@thebblog said...

Way. To. Go!!

Can't wait to see him on TV and tell maddy "look there's your cousin Brandon in the olympics!"

Croft Family said...

We are so proud of Brandon. Kaitlyn has talked about his win multiple times and can't wait to see him today. GOOD JOB BRANDON!!!!!

Camilla said...

Brandon, you are such a stud!!!