Wednesday, April 4, 2012

iFLY (again)

After enviously watching mine and Bryan's pseudo skydiving experience at iFLY a few months ago (see here) Brandon was absolutely positive that he wanted to try flying himself for his birthday.  But though his actual birthday was last week, it worked out best to wait for spring break and an easier going schedule to make it happen.  Joined by one of his best friends (and gymnastics teammate) Andres, Brandon had a rip-roaring time in the "wind tunnel."  With hair slicked back from the wind, a big smile on his face and an enthusiastic hug for his friend, Brandon exclaimed, "That was the most awesome experience of my life...and it was only two minutes!"
Some photographic evidence of it all...



Sacha♥ said...

that look so much fun! i want to try this some day :D

are you interesting to have your blog update, or a sketching drawn looks like you? I'm doing the giveway and its last chance to enter before in 7 hours, i will be revealing who is the winner :D

MELISSA said...

Nice! will it make me sick to my stomach? looks fun but I'm so easily pucky. maybe I'll just leave it to the brave, adventurous few!