Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Airports....the good, bad and the ugly

The Monday morning security/TSA lines at the Denver airport were long and slow.  Bryan took my place in the full body scanner and spared me the indignity so I could be the parent accompanying Brandon through the regular metal detector.  Apparently children under 12 can't be required to go through the scanner...too much like child porn, apparently.  Seriously, what freedoms have we given up in the name of security?  I'm not sure it is worth it!  But once we re-packed our suitcases of laptops and liquids and re-dressed in our shoes, jackets and metal jewelry we made our way through the airport on the little underground train system that transports people between terminals.  Brandon found a spot at the front of the lead compartment and leaned up against the window for the speedy ride.  Luckily we were in the terminal furthest away because that boy whooped and laughed (and provided entertainment for the rest of the train) the whole way there.  He thought this picture was cool because the lighting makes it look like he has a fireball shooting out of his hand.  :)


Jill said...

Oh, we have spent a lot of time in that airport! The train is a kick though! I love the picture!!!

Melissa@thebblog said...

funny, yes it does look like a fireball. Like you said in your last post, I still feel a thrill when I'm in the airport getting ready for a flight. Like I'm playing at being a grown up. Weird that I feel that way since I have actually traveled a lot in the past 7 years.