Thursday, April 12, 2012

Birds and Bugs

This doesn't bode well....
Flocks of birds searching for worms in a rain storm is not all that uncommon.  But this big of a flock...and MY yard being the ONLY yard they are flocking to indicate a bigger bug problem.  And it surprised me.  Because this is what my back yard looks like right now:

Very clearly we have some bug problems there.  A fact that has been verified by my local Trugreen representative.  If the birds had been flocking to my backyard I would not have been surprised.  The poor lawn had a very traumatic summer last year as a result of all the constant Man Cave construction in the back yard.  Some of the sprinkler lines were cut and capped which made for less than ideal water coverage.  And then remember the sad, sad day when a backhoe cut a wide and deep trench from the front of the house clear across the back yard?  (See here.)  So I was not surprised when in the early fall I started seeing evidence of bugs taking advantage of my poor defenseless lawn.  Needless to say, this summer will be more of a recovery year rather than a lush and soft, thick and green lawn year. 

But the front lawn too?  Really??  Sigh.  

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