Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter eggs

Every hour.  All day long.  "Is it time to color Easter eggs yet, Mom?  Huh, is it?  When can we?"  Unfortunately I had planned the dyeing of eggs to happen after Brandon came home from gymnastics at 7:30...and dinner which happens even after that.  Which means that I got really very weary of this line of questioning from my 4-year old.

But by 9:00 (!!!) we finally had everything ready and the coloring of eggs commenced.  Rebekah, who despite her advanced age really still did want very much to dye eggs with us, all the same decided that when push came to shove she'd rather go to Jayden's house ("It's his birthday, Mom!").  But that ended up being a good thing for us.  Because despite the fact that I had boiled 32 eggs (!!!) dividing out to 9 eggs per child, Lilian was nowhere near ready to be done at just a measly 9 eggs.  So we let her color the 9 still white eggs that had been meant for her older sister.  Plus 4 of Brandon's that he generously donated.  And even then, Lilian re-dyed some of her eggs that she decided weren't dark enough color.

    Can you say egg salad sandwiches....

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Jewels said...

Dyeing eggs and carving pumpkins- I don't like either one. They never get enough eggs to dye, and this year, after we were done, my 5 year-old wanted to know when we would 'paint' eggs. I said we already did. Oh, no, he wanted to actually paint them. Yep, that brought on a fit. (I'm so glad they're back in school!)