Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Music Through the Decades"

This past January Rebekah and Julianne joined a local acting/theatre group. Last night they performed a music review. Each class had a different decade to cover. Julianne's group had the 1960's which meant costumes consisted of beach-y type wear and they sang and danced to songs such as "Surfin' USA", "Little Deuce Coupe" and "Don't Worry Baby" among others. Rebekah's group covered the 1970's disco era and did songs from ABBA, Earth Wind and Fire, Leo Sayer, Three Dog Night, etc.
I was quite interested to see this performance, this being the first time my girls have performed with this group. I was really impressed. Costumes, choreography, singing, staging...all of it was well put together and entertaining. I'm excited to see future shows.


Mary said...

Ah, the Beach Boys. We just pulled our Beach Boys CD out just last week and were jammin' to the same tunes! What pretty girls.

Kari said...

Love Rebekah's attitude face! I'm sure they did a great job.

MELISSA said...

How fun! I bet you are so grateful that your girls enjoy and have a talent for singing like you do. Is that cory in Julianne's group?