Wednesday, May 19, 2010


As I mentioned a few months ago, Julianne's grandparents (Bryan's parents) challenged Julianne to read the whole Book of Mormon before she turned 12 years old. She accepted and completed this challenge, as did two of her cousins. The reward, other than the spiritual gains from reading the Book of Mormon, was a two week trip to Florida. The beach, DisneyWorld and the Kennedy Space Center were some of the highlights.

Julianne was pretty excited about going to the Kennedy Space Center...they'd been studying about it pretty heavily at school right before she left. In fact, when her teacher found out she'd be visiting the center, she gave her the assignment to collect pamphlets and take lots of pictures and then give the class an oral report of sorts after she got home.Touching a moon rock. Very cool.

Disney World, as always, was tons of fun. Julianne got a big kick out of seeing all the different countries in Epcot. "I got a croissant in France, Mom!" (Croissant rolls are one of her favorite foods...) She loved Animal Kingdom...especially the "Bugs Life" 3D movie. Which made me laugh because when I took her to it when she was two years old, she was terrified!

They did the beach thing many different days. Julianne called home one day and told me that they'd been at the beach all morning. I had a hard time holding my envy in check seeing as it was 38 degrees and raining here at home!

She had an absolutely terrific time and made memories that will last her a lifetime, I'm sure. Thank you, Lynn and Carol, for providing the incentive to read the Book of Mormon and the trip full of amazing experiences. Mostly, thank you for loving our daughter so much!


Kari said...

Sounds like such a fun trip. Ethan asked Carol if he can already start reading for his turn, which is not for another 2 years.

Mary said...

What a fun trip. And great job to Julianne for finishing the Book of Mormon before she turned 12. What an accomplishment. I didn't read it all the way through until I was in Seminary.

DD said...

Hey, where did the pictures come from since I heard that Julianne had lost her camera? Glad you had some for Julianne and her science project! Oh, it does look like so much fun.
Grandma Dalton

MELISSA said...

oh what a fun trip. I'm excited to some day go to Disney World myself. Julianne, you are a great role model. I need to read the whole Book of Mormon front to back myself - it's been way too long!

Mindy said...

What fun pictures.
Kendra has the same swimsuit.

Camilla said...

Those will be great memories for her for the rest of her life!

MamaBug said...

What a neat experience! What great grandparents!