Sunday, October 11, 2009


I feel like I have jet-lag. My eyes are heavy. But how can that be? Other than flying into California, all of our cruise through the Mexican Riviera was on our very own Mountain Daylight Time. But I'm seriously thinking of a nap.
Speaking of sleeping....I have a new appreciation for my bed. Cruise ships aren't known, necessarily, for their fluffy, soft, luxurious beds and pillows. Funny, really, because the best night sleep I ever got in my entire life was on a Royal Caribbean cruise in 2006. We were sailing through a rough sea. The crew were passing out Dramamine like it was candy. They were leaving barf bags in strategic places in all the public rooms and on the stairs. I, myself, spent a bit of time on the floor of the bathroom getting to know the toilet on an even more personal level. But when I crawled into bed those waves rocked me to sleep like I've never slept before. I felt like I was melting into my pillow. I've always remembered that and had high hopes for my next two cruises, that I would sleep that way again. It was not too be. But last night in my own bed. Ahhhh. I'm not sure I ever realized before what a soft mattress I have. Maybe I'll go climb in right now.
And yes, I know I promised pictures and more details. They are coming. But Brandon is on the computer where all my pictures are. And my eyes are heavy.....

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