Friday, August 31, 2012

Spending my birthday at the temple

It was my birthday yesterday.  I turned 39 years old.  And although I've always thought I wasn't too terribly freaked out about getting closer and closer to the big four-oh...I have to admit, I was surprisingly relieved that yesterday I only had to admit to 39 when people offered birthday wishes and asked about my age.

A couple of weeks ago, when looking into making reservations to attend the Brigham City Temple open house, I saw that there was availability on the 30th and decided then and there that that's what I wanted to do on my birthday.  And truly it WAS such an ideal way to spend the day.  There is something rather perfect about being in the temple with my whole family, children and all.  And to have it be on my special day...well, I definitely think it will be one of my most memorable birthdays for a long time to come.

At one point on the tour, we found ourselves inside the front lobby.  As we looked out the beautiful glass windows in the front doors, we realized we could see our friends Kim and Brian and their children, outside in the courtyard.  We had no idea until that moment that they had chosen today as well to tour the temple.  As we watched, they came closer to the door, obviously gearing up to take some pictures.  We waved crazily, trying to get their attention.  And though it looked like they were looking right at us, they clearly couldn't see us.  All the same, we stood there waving like fools thinking surely, any minute somehow they would notice all of us obviously standing there, peering out the window at them.  But it wasn't until they got right up next to the door that one of the children peeped in and saw us.  He relayed the news to his parents and siblings, and pretty soon, all of them were exchanging smiles and waves with us.

It wasn't until we got outside that we realized why it took so long to get their attention.  The windows on the front doors were reflecting our own images back at us.  Not until you get smack up next to them can you see inside.  And I thought, there has got to be some kind of lesson there.  Something along the lines of our Savior standing inside the temple...trying to get our attention, beckoning to us to join him.  He's patient and will never give up...calling, waving, waiting.  But all we can see is our own worldly reflection staring back at us... until we get close enough and make an effort to peer inside.  Then and only then will we be able to truly see what we have been missing.  


 Okay, I just couldn't resist adding this picture....I can't stop laughing!

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Jewels said...

What a great way to spend your birthday! We went on Saturday. It's such a beautiful temple!