Tuesday, August 7, 2012

You're reading what???

For some weird, odd reason Brandon has decided to read my old journals.  Now lest you misunderstand...I DID think those journals would be read by my children some day.  But I kind of assumed it would be when I was dead.  And by my daughters.  Because really, isn't it usually girls that are more into that kind of thing?  Maybe?

But my 11-year old son?  And he didn't even start from the beginning.  He just jumped right into the middle of 9th grade.  And when I say middle...I don't mean the middle of my one an only journal.  Because boy howdy, was I ever a journal writer!  By the middle I mean, he picked one out in the middle of the many.  Kind of like starting with book 4 in a 10 book series.  Maybe he didn't care about my elementary years.  Maybe it was just the first one his little fingers grabbed hold of, I don't know.  But he's fascinated with that thing.  He laughs and laughs...and keeps reading me bits and pieces.  As if I don't already know the story.

Last night as I was making dinner he was teasing me about how detailed I was in describing my trip to Rockin' R Ranch in Antimony, Utah for Youth Conference.  "Eight pages, Mom!  You took eight pages to describe just the first day!!"  To which I (somewhat defensively) responded with various comments revolving around how obviously I must've really wanted to remember the event, and how much I clearly liked writing.

Hmm.  I guess it's no surprise I turned into a blogger as an adult, yeah?


FlyGirl5 said...

I loved the Antimony youth conference. It's where I met my first pen pal boyfriend Cody Hamblin who I'm fb friends with today. I wish I had kept better journals. I just assumed I'd always remember this stuff. When I did write it was often a timeline of what I did thay day. I had no life as a teenager. My daughter read parts of my old journals and commented that I actually wrote what happened on Who's the Boss and Growing Pains that night. How's that for being a loser?

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Shauna said...

Good old Rockin' R... I had fun times there as well. I think I would probably die of embarrassment if my kids read my journals. I didn't always write about the deepest and most important aspects of my life. Let's face it, as a teen I was kind of wrapped up in my own little soap opera life and things that seemed like life or death then just make me laugh now...but laughing aside I'm not even close to being ready to let my kids read it all!