Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tea party dress up

My parents have insisted, as they de-junk their house, that I come pick up all my old prom dresses and school play costumes.  And seeing as I have teenage daughters that are coming into Prom age I ended up taking my youngest sister Rachel's dresses as well.  (Hers are actually still stylish as opposed to my lacy creations.)

Julianne has been completely thrilled about our new acquisitions.  Mostly because being the drama queen that she is, likes to play dress up.  A few days ago she convinced her friends to come over for a tea party.

The pink and white lacy wonder was my dress for Senior Ball my junior year.  The green dress was a costume I wore in "Mame".  The blue and pink dresses were my sister, Melissa's.

 I wore the white lacy dress to both Sweethearts AND Jr. Prom my junior year.  Yes, yes....a fashion faux pas certainly...I DID in fact, repeat a dress.  At back-to-back dances, no less. (Gasp!)  But I got asked to Jr. Prom only 2 days before the dance so what else could I do?  By the way...it was Bryan who asked me to that Jr. Prom.  It was our first date.  I think originally it was to be a "You're not going to Prom, I'm not going to Prom...maybe we should go together as friends?" sort of date.  Obviously it didn't turn out that way and I got my first kiss that night.  And a husband a few years later.  :)

The other white dress is one of Rachel's that I think Rebekah or Julianne could still potentially wear to a Prom of their own.  Here's hoping...because Prom dresses have only gone up in price since I was in high school.

Unfortunately I don't think any of my haul will work as a Homecoming dress.  Despite the fact that school hasn't even started yet, Rebekah got asked to the dance a couple of weeks ago.  What do kids even wear to Homecoming these days?  

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Jewels said...

Sadie wore my prom dress to New Beginnings a couple years ago- the theme was Princesses. It fit her like a glove. (Not that she would ever wear it for anything else.)
Homecoming? Isn't it short dresses?