Sunday, August 5, 2012

Late night, date night

I was tired and my stomach was feeling slightly unsettled.  Bryan was trying to put the finishing touches on his gospel doctrine lesson for Sunday School the next day.  But Ryan was a good natured way.  He wanted sushi.  We had piqued his interest with talk of a VIP 1/2 off special at Happy Sumo after 9:00 on Saturday.  We don't see Mary and Ryan much, being that they live in Idaho.  Plus, they had convinced Melissa and Scott to come as well.  So we spruced up a bit, put Julianne in charge of her younger siblings and drove to the Gateway in downtown Salt Lake City to meet up with my two sisters and their husbands for a late date night.

I'm so glad we did!  That the food was excellent was not a surprise.  I crave sushi anytime of the day or night and sushi from Happy Sumo is my favorite.  Unsettled stomach or no, I downed my fair share of the 3 appetizers and 10 different rolls we ordered.  But beyond the food, the company was stellar!  We segregated, funny enough, with the sisters on one end and the brothers-in-law at the other...but there were only 6 of us so conversation was easy any way we wanted to spin it.  Seeing as it was after 9:00 at night, we chose to sit outside.  The sparkly lights making it just bright enough to see our menus, the outside temperatures delightfully comfortable and a fairly decent guitar player just a bit away playing background was a perfect evening.    

Melissa's comment summed up the experience nicely..."How nice not to feel like a Utah mom for an evening!"  I laughed, because I'm sure she didn't mean to infer that being a Utah mom was a bad thing. Just that it was nice to step out of normal for a few hours.  

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Melissa@thebblog said...

Oh, so enjoyed the evening!! I love my sisters and am so grateful that I love their husbands as well. Thanks Ryan for pushing this along. the Sushi was actually way better than I expected/remembered it to be.