Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hint, hint...

Okay, okay....I can take a hint.  Julianne is out of her growth hormone medication and wants me to arrange for more to be sent.  Right?

An update:  For those who don't know...Julianne has been giving herself daily injections of growth hormone since she was 12 years old.  At her last appointment with our endocrinologist, she was 4' 10" (and a 1/4...Julianne is particular about making sure we don't forget that 1/4).  This is a good thing seeing as originally the doctor wasn't sure she would ever make it past 4' 8" without intervening medically.  We're hoping to get her to 5'.  See here and here for more details.  

1 comment:

Kim Anderson said...

Short people rock the world. :) I somehow made it to 5 feet and they never thought I would, and that was without growth hormones. I know she will get there in time. I love her sense of humor.