Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Playing volleyball

I played volleyball yesterday.  This is momentous.  Why?  Because I haven't played volleyball since I was oh, something like 13 years old.  I'm not overly coordinated when it comes to sports.  I tried, and tried to like volleyball when I was young.  I wanted desperately to get good enough at it to not embarrass myself when we would play church ball.  (Which we did...frequently.)  But it was all for naught.  I was hopelessly bad.  And playing was more of something to be endured...with slight fear that the ball would come my way and I'd actually have to try and hit it.  But the day I tried to set the darn thing and brutally jammed my finger, I gave it all up.  Clearly, volleyball was just NOT my thing.  And from then on, I became the cheerleader on the sidelines.  Even in college when we had a sand volleyball court right across the street from our apartment....I always watched.

But last night we were invited to join a couple of other families from the neighborhood for a combined Family Home Evening at the park.  A big family volleyball game was the main event so I decided that maybe it was time to give it a try.  Oh, my coordination still hasn't improved much.  But I did actually get a few decent shots in.  And I was even okay at serving....so yay me!  Mostly though, we laughed a lot and that was the funnest part of all.

Bryan set up a couple of slack lines and the kids had fun trying to balance on those as well.  It was a great night.

P.S.  Brandon insists that I inform you that these pictures do not do him justice...that I didn't get him in best form.  Just so you know.

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Mary said...

In our last ward, I was invited to play ladies volleyball. I had a blast. I couldn't serve overhand or set well, but it was so much fun getting out and playing. What a fun idea for FHE. Maybe I'll have to round up a few families around here and do that. Glad you had fun and attempted!