Friday, August 24, 2012

Sliding down the alpine

Sometimes I think it would be rather ideal to live in or around Park City.  Not only are the surrounding views always amazing...but personally, I love the temperatures.  Cooler in the summer, an earlier fall, and a guaranteed white Christmas every year!

Yesterday was no exception. Reveling in temps that hovered in low 80's, our little family along with our friend Heather and her 4 children, spent the afternoon playing on the alpine slides at the Park City Mountain Resort.  (Did you know the leaves are already starting to change up there?  In August?)  We bought tickets for the 5 older kids to do the slide and alpine coaster once each while the adults took the youngest 3 on the slides twice.  One of the best things about the slides in my opinion?  The fact that you have to ride the ski lift to get up to the top.  So relaxing and pretty....even if Lilian was a tad nervous.  (She was a little more mellow the second ride up.)  I was worried that Lilian would freak out about going down the slide.  I had talked it up, shown her pictures on-line, reassured her that she would be sitting on my lap the whole time.  She seemed excited about the whole thing.  But this is a girl that still refuses, year after year, to go on the dragon water slide at Cherry Hill....a wimpy little slide where she gets to sit on my lap and the water is only 2 feet deep at the bottom.  And although she did express some slight nerves the closer we got to the slide...ultimately she was determined to be brave, and then laughed the whole way down.  I told her I could control our speed and if she wanted me to slow down, she just needed to say so.  Nope.  She didn't necessarily ever ask me to speed up....but she did tell me to NOT slow down.  And then looked at me triumphantly at the bottom and said, "Let's do it AGAIN, Mom!!!"

You know me....a little camera crazy.  And when combined with the pics that Heather took also....well, you were forewarned.



Mindy said...

I love the Alpine Slide, I also love the scenery, but the ski lift also makes me nervous! We took the kids a few years back (2 years in a row mind you) and both times I fell of the ski lift as we were getting off, one time it was pretty bad and they wanted to check me out at the bottom after we got done, sad thing is I accidentally took Kendra down on the fall, I felt horrible! I've never been too good with the ski lift things, they always make me so nervous!

Heidi Green said...

Ah, I love PC. The weather is fabulous every season except spring; I found myself down here in the valley quiet often during "mud season." It looks like you guys had a wonderful time. btw - is Heather going to teach at Centennial? I thought I saw her name on a lot of the schedules the kids posted on facebook. Will cutie patootie Morgan come with her or stay at Centerville?

Mary said...

I've heard of the alpine slides but I thought it was a short little slide. Nothing like your pictures portray. Very cool, but oh my, I think I might be scared.