Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Yearbook cover art contest

Being in charge of the yearbook cover art contest at the elementary school didn't seem like that big of a deal when I first agreed to do it back in January.  And admittedly, it hasn't been hard...just more time consuming that I thought.

Making copies of entry forms and contest rules.
Counting out the right number of said forms and rules for each teacher/class.
Making sure extra copies were in the office and available for download on the website.
Posting reminder fliers around the school.
Gathering all the entries two weeks later.
Arranging for a judging committee and getting the entries to them.
Scanning and printing winner and runners-up artwork.
Getting winning entries to yearbook head to send to printer.
Displaying all 150+ entries at the elementary school.
Arranging for the winners to be announced on the website, newletter and over the intercom.

Other than pulling down the display in another week or so, I think I see light at the end of the tunnel.  I tell you what, though.  We've got some really talented kids at our elementary school.  It was quite a privilege to view not only their art, but also get a glimpse into how their little creative minds work.

 (Julianne and Lilian were good helpers today....although I'm guessing if Julianne doesn't have to form another tape roll ever again, it will still be too soon.)


Mindy said...

Wow there are a few in that top picture that look amazing. I'm especially enjoying the one with the horse and the sunset!

MELISSA said...

they have a yearbook in elementary school?! we didn't have that at Vista that I recall. I do remember the Lion contest for Vista days each year and seeing those pictures posted on all the walls. Good memories. Kind of can't wait until I have kids in elementary school.