Thursday, March 15, 2012

Singing with new friends

A couple of months ago I was invited to join a little singing group here in my area.  At our first meeting I was introduced to the other four singers in the group.  Although there were a few familiar faces, I didn't really know any of them.  Stephanie outlined her goals for this group, her vision and the name she had picked out for us, "Witness Women's Singing Group."  She informed us that our first performance had been scheduled and she had already put together a rough draft script of our parts...though she was hoping from input from us.  We started practicing our music immediately...all of us throwing out ideas and writing in extra notes for harmony parts and descants.  I went home from practice that very first day and told Bryan that I could already tell the five of us were going to become good friends.

Fast forward a few weeks and numerous practices later....though I had predicted we'd become good friends just from sheer necessity seeing as we'd be spending a lot of time together, I was still surprised at just how tightly we have bonded and how fast.  When I was sick and had to miss a rehearsal, not only did they all send me emails wishing me a speedy recovery, but Catrina made an extra trip over to my house to show me her notes in the music as to who was singing where and which parts so I could practice at home.  When I was having a hard time printing out the sheet music that had been emailed to me because our printer was on the fritz, Julie printed out a copy and brought it to my house.  And when she found me not home, she called my cell to let me know where she had left the music, and then talked me through some emotions when she discovered that I was having a pretty bad day.  These women...Stephanie, Catrina, Julie and Kami...are pretty amazing women and I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity to not only sing and perform with them, but to be their friend and feel of their strength and spirit.

Our first performance was last night.  We were the entertainment at a Relief Society dinner.  Judging from the feedback we got from members of the audience it went well and was well received...more than one person commented that our message was exactly what they needed to hear.  Our program was called "Beauty From Ashes: Accessing the Atonement in our Lives as Women and Witnesses of Christ."  There was humor mixed in with the more serious and spiritual...interspersed with songs, of course.  And though I know that we've put this program together (and have plans to expand on it) with an audience in mind...I can't help but think that this message is every bit as much for me.  It's something I need in my life right now.

Come to Jesus when you hunger for a feast that satisfies.
Come to Jesus when you wonder why your spirit's running dry.
He will feed you from His table, living water He will pour,
Till you're filled with bread of life and your soul will thirst no more.
So if you hunger, come...come to Jesus.

Come to Jesus when you're weary of the burdens you must bear.
Come to Jesus when you're fearful and your heart is in despair.
He will ease the load you carry by the power of His hand.
As you lean on Him for strength you will find that you can stand.
So if you're weary, come...come to Jesus.

Come and claim the Savior's grace.
Seek for Him and you will find yourself in His embrace.

Come to Jesus when you're ready for a sweeter way of life.  
Come to Jesus when you're heading down a pathway with no light.
He will take your sin and weakness and will wash away the shame.
He will purify your heart and you will never be the same.
So if you're ready, come....come to Jesus.          


DisabilityDiva said...

What a great opportunity for you! Amazing group of women too!!

thedreamersart said...

That's sounds like a great opportunity. I ran across your blog in search of that song. I would really like to find out who sings it (as I just heard it the other night on the radio) and I Really want to find a YouTube video of it, so that I can share it with my online friends. Any help would be appreciated.