Saturday, March 17, 2012

Introducing the Level 5 State Gymnastics Champion!

The Utah men's gymnastics state meet was held today.  I thought it was rather appropriate that it was also St. Patrick's Day seeing as the two events had some similarities:  there was a lot of good luck being spread around, and all the boys were hoping for gold.

Brandon did remarkably well.  I knew there was an extremely good chance he would do well...more than well, really, at this meet.  He's taken first place all around at every local meet this season, after all.  But the worrywart inside me kept saying, "What if he falls on an event?  What if he makes a big mistake?"  Not the end of the world, certainly...but this was the STATE MEET which, in my mind anyhow, was a much bigger to-do.  And the prideful mama inside me wanted to be able to watch my son take his place on top of the podium knowing that he was the numero uno level 5 gymnast in all of Utah!

Pushing both the worrywart and the prideful mama down deep inside, I sat on those (hard) bleachers to watch the meet.  The whole team did well and the boys looked like they were truly enjoying themselves.  And realistically that's what matters most.  All the same, it was gratifying to see Brandon do so tremendously well and earn such amazing scores.  He took first place in EVERY SINGLE EVENT!  And then, very obviously, he took first place all around.  And then first place as a whole team.  It was the BEST. DAY. EVER.  (Of course, Brandon says that after every meet....)

Brandon seems not to be able to do an event that involves running (floor, vault) without his tongue sticking out.  Go figure.

Look at the height and flexibility on his pommel routine!!  (You're going to have to promise me you won't look at his cute bum.  He was worried about me putting this picture on the blog because it's a prime shot of his rear end.  But you're all looking at his nicely split legs, right??  So he has nothing to worry about...) 

Happiness at the awards ceremony...   
I love the joy on his face.

 1st place AA

1st place team


Mindy said...

What a great day, i'm so proud of him!

Mary said...

Awesome! And with a broken toe to boot!