Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I signed up for NaBloPoMo again this month.  You know...that craziness that requires a blog post per day?  Sadly it is only the 7th of March and I am already stumped.  So I asked my children what I should blog about this evening.  Here are their responses:

Brandon:  (age 10) 
"Gymnastics!!"  (said with a fist pump high in the air.) 
"But Brandon....I've blogged a lot about gymnastics lately and will probably do so again when you compete at state in another week and a half." 
"Okay, how about science?"

Julianne: (age 14) 
"Umm....what about stars?"
"You could go outside and take a picture.  And then you could tell some sort of story about when you were out under the stars and how you learned something from it.  And then you could share some cool quote about stars."

Lilian:  (age 4)
"Babies?  You mean baby the ones you were playing with today?'
"No.  Just babies."

Rebekah:  (age 15)
"Mom....I'm trying to do my homework here."
"I know.  But what do you think I should blog about?
"You're only saying that because you know that's what Julianne said."
"What are you listening to on your ipod?"
"You're going to blog about the song I'm listening to???"

For the record....she's listening to "With or Without You" by U2  (a good choice, I must admit) while she fills out a worksheet on "The Count of Monte Cristo" for her English class.
So there you have it.  Four days worth of blog posts coming up....

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Shauna said...

I haven't listened to U2 forever. Now I'm kind of missing it a bit. And maybe I should poll my kids about my blog as well since lately it seems like the only topic I've covered is "babies." Honestly, I do still have three other kids. :-)