Friday, March 16, 2012

Getting our caucus on...

Bryan and I went to the Republican caucus last night.  We'd never been before.  I'm a little embarrassed to admit it seeing as I've always considered myself highly patriotic and fairly interested in politics.  Truth be told, I had no idea what you even do in a caucus.  I knew that delegates were chosen but I didn't know how or why or what a delegate really even does.  Bryan and I were both fascinated with the whole process.  Apparently we had a great turnout.  184 people was huge in comparison to past years, we were told.  After nominations and speeches and some discussion (even slightly heated at times) our precinct chose 3 state and 5 county delegates.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Why haven't I ever gone before?  I've always felt that participating in the political process was a right and privilege...and even more than that, my duty as a citizen.  But I think up to this point I've ignorantly only considered that position as it applied to voting each November.  I now actually think that I'd like to serve as a delegate.  Maybe someday.  Until then, I can certainly be better at doing my part in informing myself about the issues, attending caucus' and other such events, and just basically keeping up to speed in grassroots politics. 

Bryan and I went out for tacos after wards.  Does that mean we can count the evening as a date??

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Kathy said...

Wow, it sounds like a fascinating experience. There you were with history being made around you. Cool!