Monday, September 5, 2011

Temple to Temple Steeplechase


"It's a 5 mile run."  Katie told me.
5 miles...hmm.  While maybe an easy distance for Katie, 5 miles would be pushing it for me.  I'd run 5 miles a few times before...but it was pretty much the tip top of my running range at that point.
"It's called the Temple to Temple Steeplechase.  It starts at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple and ends at the Jordan River Temple," she said.  "Doesn't that sound like fun?"
I had to admit that it did.  What a neat idea...running from one steeple to another.  Oh, and the fact that the route was pretty much all downhill.  So I agreed.
(This picture was taken just after we had signed in at 6:30 AM.  Notice the Oquirrh Mountain Temple all lit up and the newly forming sunrise?  Pretty.)

I really liked the message from the event organizer....
"The idea of the Temple to Temple Steeplechase was conceived on my morning runs as I watched the progression of the building of the Oquirrh Mountain Temple in 2009. My favorite running route quickly became the five mile distance between this new Temple and the Jordan River Temple. I could see a metaphor for life as I related the highlights and obstacles of my daily runs to my journey through life. For me, the temples became a symbol of heaven, where I lived before starting my mortal sojourn, and where I will return when it is finished. I noticed dead ends and gutters along the way, a reminder of pitfalls I must avoid. I also saw majestic views of the sun rising to fill the world with light and warmth, testifying of Jesus Christ, the light and life of the world."

(Heading over to the starting line in front of the temple.  It's amazing what 25 minutes can do in regards to daylight, eh?)

Though most organized runs/races are attached to a charity of some kind, I especially liked this one.  The profits from the entry fees for this run were to go to the Temple Patron Fund...a fund designed to help people in remote and impoverished locales make it to the temple, even if normally financial woes would make it impossible. 
(At the Jordan River Temple finish line)

It was a pretty good run.  Easier for Katie than for me, of course.  But she stayed with me the whole time even though my pace is slower than hers.  We found ourselves unexpectedly running with some friends from my old Magna neighborhood.  Another highlight....crossing the finish line amidst cheers from Bonnie and her daughter Melissa, friends who live nearby and came specifically to root for us.  

Up next....biking LOTOJA this weekend.  I have leg 4...a 34 mile route from Afton to Alpine, Wyoming.  Wish me luck!     


Mary said...

Well, just so you know. I couldn't even begin to run 5 miles. Let alone 2. I might be able to jog a mile...but that's pushing it. I applaud your efforts.

Croft Family said...

Congrats. I'm with Mary except I don't think I could even job a mile. Now walk I could walk it.

Katie said...

Much better written than my account but at least I got it documented! Thanks for running with me!

MELISSA said...

when I read your post I wish that I liked to run!