Sunday, September 11, 2011

My LOTOJA "tattoo"

I just got back from biking LOTOJA this weekend.
LOTOJA being LOgan TO JAckson.
206 miles, 3 states, 1 day.  Or so their motto goes.
And no, I did not insanely attempt to do the whole thing myself.  Although we had a good 11-12 guys from our neighborhood do exactly that, I joined a relay team and rode leg 4 which consisted of 34 miles from Afton to Alpine, Wyoming.  More details and pictures to come later but I'll just leave you with this before heading off to bed....

At packet pick up last year, along with receiving LOTOJA swag, signing numerous waviers and picking up my timing chip they also stamped my leg.  Another way to keep track of official riders vs. those who may try to jump in and ride without having registered and paid.  (This is a very popular race...people come from all over the country to ride.  They even have to hold a lottery for official spots in the race, so many people want in.)  I thought my LOTOJA tattoo-looking stamp was very cool and was looking forward to getting another one this year. 

Except this year instead of a leg stamp they slapped on a wrist band and then stamped it.  I have to admit, I was rather disappointed.  Ah well....

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DisabilityDiva said...

im so amazed at your talents and biking