Monday, September 26, 2011


Some random shots of random goings on around here....

Came outside one day to find this angel on our driveway.  Julianne drew it with chalk one afternoon while keeping Lilian entertained.!!

 The Friday before Labor Day we were surprised and delighted to find a bunch of hot air balloons flying over our neighborhood.  They were practically skimming the rooftops, they were so low.  This one, apparently, was having some problems and landed in the field right behind our house.  Try as they might, they couldn't get up and floating again and eventually they pushed it onto its side to deflate it.  It amazed me how quickly they got it all put away. 

 Our last summer day spent at Cherry Hill was a marathon one with a grand total of 8 hours swimming, splashing, floating and sliding.  A new record for us!  We came home sunburned and exhausted but still smiling.  This picture of Lilian was taken about a half hour before we packed up our things....

 Casey, Rebekah, Patricia and Brianna....
This is Rebekah's group of "besties."  Patricia is from Brazil and talked the other girls, and a fair share of boys, into joining her in some sort of traditional Brazillian dance that her parents were hosting.  The girls spent hours working on their dresses.

 This is a common sight at our house....Julianne and her friends engaged in a "homework party."  Probably a common site in more homes than just ours.

What's different about homework parties at our house is this:
 At out house, usually "Dr. Who" is invited.  Slowly but surely they are working their way through the whole "Dr. Who" universe...Weeping Angels, the Empty Child, Daleks and all.

*Our favorite quotes from the Matt Smith "Dr. Who" seasons.  (Shhh....Julianne's friends haven't got there yet...they're still obsessed with David Tennent.)

Doctor:  "Dr. Song, you've got that face on again."
River Song:  "What face?"
Doctor:  "The 'he's hot when he's clever face.'"
River Song:  "This is my normal face!"
Doctor:  "Yes it is..."   
River Song:  "Oh shut up."

Oh, oh!!  And also...
Doctor:  "I'm being extremely clever up here and there's no one to stand around looking impressed!  What's the point in having you all??"

(Throw in a British accent and Matt Smith's funny facial expressions and I guarantee you'll giggle for days...) 


Mary said...

Wow is right. Julianne's angel is really cool. Very impressed. And holy cow, Lilian is a dark child. I'm still pasty white. I guess we didn't venture into the sun nearly enough this summer.

What fun that Rebekah got to participate in a Brazilian dance. Fun outfits. So colorful!

DisabilityDiva said...

Julianne is talented just like her mother:) So great that you open up your house to everyone.