Friday, September 23, 2011

Favorite Photo Friday: Autumn

A few of my favorite Autumn pictures:

Niagara Falls, New York  October 2006.  This is actually the American Falls to the side of the majestic Niagara Falls...but the trees were so beautiful just beyond the water, the contrast so interesting against the dark, storm filled clouds. 

Also New York in October 2006, but this time Palmyra at the Joseph Smith Farm.

 The Heber Valley Train ride last October 2010.

Today is the first day of Autumn and I couldn't be more pleased.  Autumn is my favorite season and here are a few reasons why:

*Crisp, cool temperatures
*The "smell of Fall"...what is that exactly?
*The leaves turning colors
*The crunching sound the leaves make when you step on them
*BYU football
*General Conference
*Marie Callendars pie sale
*Paradise Bakery's gingerbread cookies
*Hot chocolate
*Pumpkin patches
*Autumn decor
*The anticipation of the upcoming holidays...Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas

Despite what the calendar may say, however, I don't really start thinking Autumn till October.  Here in Utah we tend to have decidedly un-Autumn like warm temperatures through September.  It makes me irrationally grumpy if I'm in full on Autumn mode.  So I don't pull out the decor or put away the flip flops until October is firmly established.  Case in point...I went swimming this afternoon at a neighbors house and then got a pedicure resulting in pink toenails with cute little flowers on them.  Not very autumn like.
So though I still have a couple of weeks before I really revel in Autumn, this date on the calendar does make me excited.  It means it's close!!! 

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MELISSA said...

oh but I can't wait for sweaters and boots . . . I'm done with my short sleeve shirts and excited for the variety that adding long sleevses will bring.