Thursday, February 4, 2010

Not again!

I have this horrible feeling I'm getting sick. Actually, it's more than a's sure knowledge. As the day has progressed it's become fairly evident that I have something. And it worries me. Because I still have nightmares of our bout with the Swine Flu a few months ago. Somehow I completely lost the time from Halloween to Thanksgiving. I have vague memories of fevers, coughing and crying. I know Bryan was out of town for a portion of it. That's where the crying came from. And I'm sure there was extreme exhaustion...which would account for the blurry quality of the few memories I still possess. Seems like we must have come up out of the sickness induced fog by Thanksgiving because my pictures from the big day show us smiling, happy and relatively healthy looking. But it only lasted a short while because about a week and a half later I got hit again. This time it was mostly just a nasty cough (again) without all the other garbage. But oh, the terrified looks I got when I coughed in public! I kept wanting to explain, "It's okay...this isn't the dreaded Swine Flu. That was last month."
So, unfortunately, I'm feeling crappy this evening. Please let it be a cold, please let it be a cold, PLEASE let it be a cold! A short-lived one too, if I get to make any demands. And NO coughing! Oh please!!!


Jill said...

It's probably just a bad cold. We have been hit by that over here. It gets you down for a couple of days and then lasts about a week! Crossing my fingers for you!

MamaBug said...

I swear by doterra's On Guard essential blend. You can find it about half way down this page: .

I have distributorship and I don't mind buying for you at my price if you are interested. I had a red, sore nasty sore throat. I had my hubby drop a couple of drops down the back of my throat. I nearly gagged because it's so strong, but by the next morning I was totally back to normal.

Feel better soon!!

Mindy said...

Sorry your not feeling well. Drink lots of fluids and take your vitamins. ***HUGS***

DD said...

It can't be the swine flu again. If you had it last year, you built up antibodies. That's what I kept telling myself. I still have a bit of a cough now and then. Weird.

Sarah said...

Oh, I know it's not swine flu again. That was the only silver lining of having that last fall....knowing now I wouldn't get it again. Plus, I didn't have to worry about whether I should get the vaccine for my kids or not. But I could still get some other kind of yucky flu, I suppose. Hope not. I think it's just a cold.

MELISSA said...

Oh hurry up summer! We are all so tired of runny noses and coughs! Feel better.