Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Julianne

Eleven years ago today, after 16 and 1/2 hours of labor, sweet Julianne Dlora was born.
Since it's her birthday...can I indulge in bragging a bit?
*Julianne is playing the Bakers Wife in "Into the Woods" with her acting class...pretty much the female lead. The whole story revolves around the Baker and the Bakers Wife. She's an amazingly good little actress.
*Julianne just got a solo in the 5th grade program.
*She was chosen represent her elementary school and perform in the Storytelling Festival up at Weber State later this month without even auditioning!
*She is fabulous at math. The way her brain figures out problems and thinks them through is really impressive.
*Julianne is an amazing writer. You should read some of the stories she writes for class. So much detail and character conversation.
*She's very responsible.
*She is kind of a home body which means that she hangs out with me a lot and I've learned that I really enjoy talking with her....as a friend.
*She likes to clean bathrooms!! Last week she offered to clean my bathroom if I would clean her room. I gladly accepted! I hate cleaning bathrooms.
*She can be serious and intellectual and then turn around and be a completely hyper drama queen...both of which are totally and completely Julianne.
I love her, I love her, I love her.
Happy Birthday Julianne!


Mindy said...

Oh I love her too. I hope you had a great Birthday.
P.S. the rest of my family loves you too.

Shauna said...

She is one talented little girl. I have always thought that. Happy Birthday Julianne!

Mary said...

What a beautiful, sweet and talented girl. I still remember the day she was born! We sure love Julianne!

Katie said...

Cute, cute Julianne. What a doll! We love her so much. I hope my girls grow up to be like her.

Croft Family said...

We love her too. To us the best part of Juilanne is every time we see her she seeks us out to give us hugs. And her little cousins look up to her so much. Love you sweet Julianne thanks for being so great!!!!

MELISSA said...

I'm a bit late so I hope that you read this still - Happy Birthday Julianne!!! WE love you so much!