Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sitting room update:

Remember when last January I turned Lilian's old-room-turned-empty-extra-room into my own little "mom-cave" sitting room?  (See here.)  Though that marked the initial transformation, a lot of things remained undone....details that have the past few months been slowly but surely making their way into that room.  Details that I think make the room look very obviously "Sarah."  And after my most recent Christmas purchase I'm going to officially call the room complete.  

 A view from the door.  Can you pick out any of my new additions or my Christmas purchase yet?

Facing the opposite direction towards the hallway...

 That table in the corner is new...mission style, matching the bookshelf and side table.  I needed something to hold all the know, the DVD player, the Directv box, the remotes, etc.

 Bryan's parents found this sign on a garage sale adventure with my children while Bryan and I were in NYC.  They thought it was appropriate, paid a whopping $2 for it and presented it to me with big smiles when we arrived home a few days later.  Appropriate, absolutely.  I immediately hung it on the wall above the craft closet.

It took me a little while to decide what to put in these little box shelves on the wall.  It may change down the road but for now I've got an hourglass with green sand, a little aztec-ish vase that I bought at a pottery factory in college while I was on a singing tour in southern Utah.  And then my little ceramic owl that I bought in the dollar section of Target.  (Obsessed with owls.  That would be me.)

 I found this pillow on my first ever trip to Home Goods.  Bikes!!  Couldn't resist....

 This owl canvas from Pier 1 is now hanging on the wall just inside the door.  Yes.  More owls.  Obsessed.  I told you.

My lime green foot-rest/box to hide stuff in is from Target.  Right now it has my very favorite of all black and white Mickey blanket...inside it.  And realistically, Mickey is usually out on the couch because he gets snuggled with pretty much daily.

And last, but certainly not brand new Christmas chair!  My Dad kept telling me that as awesome as my new sitting room was, I still needed a chair in front of the window.  I agreed with him.  And although this might not be what he was imagining (my guess is he was thinking more reclining-easy-chair) I LOVE this!!  Look at those buttons!  And the metal stand!  And the leather (okay...faux)!  It's so comfy...I just conform into its shape when I sit in it.

Now my biggest problem is that my children all think the room is so awesome (deservedly) that they prefer to watch TV there rather than downstairs on the big screen.  "It's not cozy down there, Mom!"  Sigh.
I'm now in the process of "cozifying" the room downstairs so I can officially kick them out of my sitting room and they will stop complaining. 
Remember this?
It's part of a larger travel theme I've got going on in that room.  It's all very close to being done, but I'm waiting to get rid of the exercise equipment in the room (treadmill, rowing machine, stall bars) which are all going out to Bryan's "man cave" in the very near future. 


Heidi Green said...

That chair is awesome! Where did you get it? I also love the pillow - Home Goods rocks. You've done a great job with this room, I'd want to cuddle in there to watch tv too!

Sarah@The Best Stuff said...

Heidi...I got the chair at

Mindy said...

It looks super comfy in there, no wonder the kids want to hang out!