Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A preview of "Beauty and the Beast"

Rebekah and Julianne performed in "Beauty and the Beast" this past weekend with a local community theatre group.  Julianne played a can-can kicking enchanted napkin and Rebekah played a villager who gets her tushy literally kicked by an enchanted plate later on in the mob scene.
More pictures to come later when we get the official disk...but here is a preview from some sneaky pics my sister took.  

 Rebekah is the one in the floppy hat behind Belle.

  Julianne is in the colorful skirt just behind and to the left of "Chip."

 After the show and backstage silliness.
"Oh Mom.  Why didn't you TELL ME that my hat looked weird!"

Lilian was enthralled with the whole show and was the best little audience member you ever saw (blessedly) other than her frequent and excited whispered comments.  And getting to meet "Belle" out in the lobby after the show was a definite highlight.

Look at my two beautiful little actresses! 

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