Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A ridiculously long time in coming...

I've FINALLY updated my family pictures on the wall in the front hallway.  Though I'd updated the two frames of kid pics to include Lilian, the official family portrait up there was still the one taken back in 2005 or something.  Brandon was 4 years old.  Lilian wasn't even a twinkle in our eye yet.  I wasn't yet a brunette!  (Funny side note: my visiting teacher came over one day, took a look at the blonde me and joked, "So...Bryan's first wife?"  Not many people in this neighborhood know that I'm originally a blonde.)  So yes, needless to say, a new family portrait was way overdue.

But then after FINALLY arranging to get our family portraits taken (Jon Woodbury Photography.  Trust me, he's amazing!) it took me another year and a half to get them printed and hung.  You've seen the pictures....because I've used them for so many things in the past 18 months, including the header at the top of this blog.  But indecisiveness (as well as laziness) played a big part in my procrastination.  The original dilemma...which of the fabulous plethora of pictures should I pick?  And then...should I just pick one and blow it up huge?  Or a collage of many?  One big and a few small or all the same size?  Canvas or not?  New frames or keep the sizes to fit in the old?  Yeah...I made it way more hard than it needed to be.  Finally I made it my number one priority last week and MADE A DECISION!  A trip to Costco, a trip to Michaels for frames, and then tons of help from Bryan (who was, in all honesty, more than willing to help because it meant he got to play with his new laser level) we got those beauties hung.  I couldn't be more pleased with the result.

And as long as I'm showing off house decor, I might as well point out my new(ish) runner.  Pretty, yes?  I think it warms up the hallway nicely.  (In looks as well as bare feet in the winter.)  Originally I bought the runner (from IKEA) for the hallway coming in from the front door.  But then for kicks one day I moved it to this section of the wood flooring leading to the kitchen and I liked that too!  So off I ran to IKEA for another identical one.  (If you look closely, you can see the other runner leading to the front door in the above picture.)  Next up:  Hopefully curtains for the living room windows.


MG said...

I remember you as a don't ever go back to your natural hair color I thought a few pictures had it in them. But I am not that observant. Plus I like the collage...better than one big one!

MELISSA said...

Oh yes, I love the runner and really like the look of the collage. Good choice!