Monday, January 9, 2012


Looks like Mother Nature got my letter.  The "brush-by storm" that the forecasters predicted would leave very little accumulation in the mountains and maybe a few flurries in the valley was, happily, off.  I bounded out of bed when Bryan informed me that there was "a lot of snow outside."  Five inches!!  Julianne and Lilian made a snowman (do you like his celery nose?  We were out of carrots...) while I shoveled the driveway.  It took me 2 full hours seeing as I still have yet to invest in a snow blower despite our fairly large driveway.  And I was reminded that snow is I unexpectedly crashed to the ground during one pass with the shovel.  (Ouch.)  But my sore shoulders and back tell me that I got a good workout.  (Again, ouch.)  And I am beyond thrilled that winter has finally arrived.  Now lets hope for a good repeat performance....soon!     

Julianne talked me into arranging a skating party Saturday night.  It seemed appropriate seeing as we were all feeling very wintery.  I sat on the spectator benches and read a book while they skated.  And although I regret somewhat not strapping some skates onto my own feet and joining them, it was fun to watch them spin around and around holding hands.  Julianne has some really great friends.


Jewels said...

I don't like the cold and I hate driving in snow, but I was soooo glad to see that snow on Saturday morning! we don't have a snowman, but we do have a snow tunnel.
Don't the mountains look amazing, now?

Mary said...

Well, you can have your snow. I'll enjoy our snow free ground! We both got what we wanted right?