Monday, January 23, 2012

Rebekah is driving!

A trip to the Drivers License Division of the DMV today resulted in a passing grade on their computerized written drivers test. The reward?  Rebekah's learners permit.

This was her second try, actually.  She hadn't expected the test to be so detailed.  Do you know how many feet to stop before a railroad crossing?  Or exactly how many feet you have to be able to see in both directions before you make a u-turn?  Or when to turn on your headlights in regards to visibility footage?    Do you, do you?  Me either.  I would've failed the test also.

So...this, along with her enrollment in Drivers Ed. this semester at school, has me freaking out just a little bit.  Oh, I like the idea of her being able to drive.  Not having to drive her to school or to various friends houses on the weekend, not to mention sending her off on errands for me, does have it's appeal.  It's the thought of TEACHING her to drive that kind of worries me.  Not to mention, in what vehicle?  Our choices at this point are Bryan's little stick shift, cherry-red-cop-magnet sports car, or my monster Ford which I'm worried she'll cause an accident just trying to park the huge thing!

Regardless of what she ends up driving, practice she must.  Requirements for an official drivers license include not only passing Drivers Ed and being 16 year of age but also having a learners permit for at least 6 months and 40 hours of driving time with a parent.

Wish us luck!    


Mary said...

I'm sure that Rebekah will be the model driver. Like no eating, while driving. No texting or talking on her cell phone and I'm sure that she'll only go out driving when no one else is on the road (of course all while driving the exact posted speed limit!) :-) She'll be great! Good luck to you. I'm not looking forward to that day. At least I have a few more years.

Jewels said...

Those 40 hours started out as terror and turned into a royal pain by the time we were done with our first two. Now, my daughter is getting ready to get hers. I guess having someone to run to the store for milk and not having to chauffer them everywhere is a pretty good payoff.

MELISSA said...

yeah Rebekah!!! Congratulations. Hard test for sure. This is an accomplishment.