Sunday, January 22, 2012

1st Place!

First gymnastics meet of the season, seven medals.

Floor-- 1st place
Pommel Horse-- 1st place
Rings-- 1st place
Vault-- 3rd place
Parallel Bars-- 3rd place
High Bar-- 3rd place

All Around-- 1st place!!!

Actually, he tied for 1st place.  Usually when a tie takes place with two gymnasts having the same all around score, they then look at who had the most 1st place wins in individual events to determine who gets the top billing.  (Or so I've heard....)  Before they started announcing the awards, all of us parents from the gym who were sitting up in the stand together, started figuring out all around scores.  (Camilla had an app on her phone for it.  A gymnastics meet tracker.  Seriously.)  We realized that Brandon and his teammate Andres had the exact same all around score.  And it was high so we were pretty sure that they would most likely tie for 1st...with one of them taking 2nd, but which one would be which?  We listened carefully to the individual events announcements...where it turned out that out of 6 events, they each took 1st place in 3 of them!  So when it came right down to it, everything equaled out so perfectly that they awarded both boys 1st place with no one in 2nd.  Brandon and Andres were thrilled to share the 1st place All Around award.

And then the day was made even sweeter when the team won 1st place as well....all the boys did phenomenally well.
Best. Day. Ever. according to Brandon.
Next meet....the Blackjack Meet in Las Vegas. 


Mindy said...

That's awesome, good job Brandon!

Jill said...

Yea, Brandon!

MG said...

That is a big accomplishment.

MELISSA said...

WOW!!! Congratulations. This boy is going far :) And, aren't you sooooo glad you were there?!

Camilla said...

I love both those pictures with Brandon and Andres. Such good sportsmanship!