Thursday, December 16, 2010

Taste Test

My friend Gary and I conducted a chocolate orange taste test today at my voice lesson. I love chocolate oranges. In my opinion they are one of the very best parts of the Christmas season. I wish they were around all year. Wait. Scratch that. Maybe I should be glad they are only available one month of the year. And honestly, maybe the fact that they are scarce is part of the reason they are so yummy.
Today Gary and I tried both brands: Terry's and Ferrara's. We decided that though Ferrara's is much easier to find, it's worth the hunt to get a Terry's. Ferrara's chocolate tastes waxy. And I am enough of a chocolate snob to notice and care. Milk chocolate is good, of course but I prefer the dark chocolate. We also tried the mint chocolate today which neither one of us had ever tasted. Wow! Pretty darn good! Tastes a lot like those Andes Candies. (Which we Dalton girls re-named "choir candy" when we were young because our choir director mother used Andes Candies as incentive for the ward choir to come on time.) Julianne has never been a big fan of chocolate oranges in the past but adores Andes Candies. Hmmm....maybe Santa will have to bring her a mint chocolate orange and see what she thinks.
So, there you have it. You know, just in case you were interested....


Anyone else think the contrast between these two posts on the same about healthy eating and excersize and the other about the yumminess of chocolate kind of funny? Or is it just me?

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Mary said...

Oooo! I didn't know they had mint ones. I don't like the chocolate orange ones, but I could maybe go for the others. I'll have to try.