Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas slumber party

Whenever anyone asks my kids about their favorite holiday tradition, invariably they will talk about the yearly slumber party under the Christmas tree. Seeing as Christmas is in two days....and surely mom is not about to let them sleep under the tree on Christmas Eve (they'd be totally in the way of Santa, of course) we figured we'd better have the slumber party tonight. We pulled out the new pajamas...."footie" ones this year...and read stories for awhile before insisting it was sleepy time. A lot of restless tossing and turning followed. Mostly because those much anticipated "footie" pajamas are really hot. I've been sitting in the next room waiting for the noises to change from the tossing and turning and giggling to the stillness of sleepy, heavy breathing before I go in and turn out the Christmas tree lights. I think we're about there. Thankfully, because it's midnight and I'm really tired myself.

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MELISSA said...

oh, I love that tradition! Many, many years worth of "I Spy" and reading the Christmas Donkey and other stories. I'm glad that we all (well, for me and Rachel, will) continue this tradition from our young days