Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A day of forced rest

Life has been pretty busy lately...as is common in the month of December. Poor eating habits, averaging 6 hours of sleep a night and running from here to there and back again has been my norm. And though getting my errands run and my shopping done has felt good... And while singing in all my concerts was fun... Slowly but surely my house was going to seed and my physical and mental state was deteriorating. It's probably no wonder then, that I woke up in the night with some kind of stomach flu that left me dashing to the toilet repeatedly to heave the contents of my stomach. Gratefully this did not last too long and after just a few hours I felt weak and tired but much more stable.
But all those plans I had made for today? Running 4 miles early this morning, Christmas shopping while Lilian was in preschool, watching Brandon's school dance performance this afternoon, laundry, vacuuming, wrapping presents, taking the kids to Temple Square to see the lights. Yeah...that all got put on the back burner. After I got the kids out the door to school I went back to bed. While Lilian was in preschool I caught up on back episodes of "Glee." I've been puttering around the house picking up things here and there and talking to my mom on the phone while I sorted the laundry.
Another thing that I did today that I have not had...or made...the time for? Reading stories to Lilian. And I can't help but think that this flu bug was heaven sent as a way to force me to slow down a bit, for at least a day. I'm sure I'll be back up and running tomorrow but I'm guessing I'll be a lot more rested and rejuvenated after today. Who knew you could be grateful for a day of sickness?

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