Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Concerts

Christmas just isn't Christmas if it doesn't involve singing in a few concerts. This year Rebekah and Julianne had their own schedule of concerts to add to mine on the calendar which made the month of December decidedly more busy than in years past. Regardless, the concerts were a huge success and lots of fun. (I can say that now that we're blissfully done with them all...)

Here's a recap in pictures:

This year with the Sally Bytheway Chorale I sang in 4 concerts. Our main concert was at the Libby Gardner Concert Hall at the U of U. Then we did a benefit concert in Sandy to raise money for The Road Home, a homeless shelter. Over the 4 years that we've done this concert, we've raised more than $12,000.00 for The Road Home. Our third concert was at the Assembly Hall on Temple Square. We sang to a wall to wall, standing room only crowd. It's always fun to sing on Temple Square at Christmas. Our fourth concert was actually just a small group of us who sang to the women inmates at the state prison. This picture is of my sweet sisters and friends at the Assembly Hall concert.

Rebekah, as a member of the Jr. High's show choir, Choraliers, kept super busy with extra Christmas concerts. Along with the various evening performances, early morning extra rehearsals and singing at all the Jr. High sporting events...she had two days where she missed school entirely to travel around town singing at elementary schools and retirement homes with 7-8 performances each day.

Here is Rebekah in-between performances with her Choraliers group on their "Christmas Tour."

This is Rebekah after one of her long "Christmas Tour" days trying to make it through all the schoolwork she missed that day....and giving in to exhaustion.

And here is the official Jr. High Christmas concert that happened just last week. Julianne was also involved in the this one as a member of the Women's Choir. She even had a little solo.

And then there was the acting group that both Rebekah and Julianne are involved in. Three performances in all, this group does more choreography and flashier costumes. Now that the Christmas performances are done they are already starting rehearsals for the musical "Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat."

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sami said...

I can't believe how grown up your girls are (: They look great and I'm sure they sounded great too!