Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Facebook 2010

Facebook. Can't decide if it is my friend or nemesis. That I spend more time on it than I should is a given. But I have so enjoyed reconnecting with old friends and the daily back and forthing of conversations, support and fun. (Is forthing even a word? Oh well.)
Above is a collage of sorts of some of my status updates on Facebook throughout this past year. Although I am rather prolific on this blog and average a post about once every other day, Facebook tends to get more "off the cuff" one-liners on a daily basis. It was interesting to go back and read all the things I had shared on Facebook this past year as I put this collage together so I thought I'd also post it on my blog...even though many of you who read this blog are also friends with me on Facebook.


Sharon said...

LOVE it. I will be stealing this idea shortly. :)

Sarah said...

FB has a program that does it for you. It'll either randomly pick a bunch of status' or let you pick the ones you want. Go to my FB page and click on this Year in Status there and it will take you to the program.