Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas in pictures

The foosball table was a family gift but it was Brandon that did the happy dance when he first caught sight of it.
With the help of his dad and brothers, Bryan snuck this monster of a table into the back of the truck the night before without the kids having any idea. My father-in-law told me that the table was seriously awkward and ridiculously heavy...and expressed doubt that Bryan and I could haul it down the stairs and into our house on our own. He thought we'd have to get another man to help. I am pleased to say that he underestimated my strength. I am a buff woman! :) It wasn't even as bad as I was anticipating! (Do I have to admit to the bruises on my leg and the couple of swear words that escaped my lips?)

We're big "Dr. Who" fans at our house. But being a 9 year old boy means that Brandon is the one who was going to be the most thrilled with owning "Dr. Who" action figures.

A pretty watch for a pretty teenager. I'm slightly envious. Think she'll let me borrow it occasionally?

Seriously...I think one of the best parts of Christmas is the whole family hanging out in pajamas all morning. (Poor Julianne had the 24 hour stomach flu and did not feel at all well...)

Look at the absolute glee on this girl's face when she discovered the can of Sprite in her stocking!

The "Doctor" made a house call to visit Lilian's doll family...

Poor, sick girl. She claims she still had a great Christmas. Although she had a fever and her guts were still unhappy...she was over the worst of it by morning, luckily.

Lilian generously sharing a chip with her Daddy. "Santa" always forgets how much Bryan loves Pringles too...we'll have to make sure he brings an extra can next year...

Warming himself on the heater? Catching up on some sleep? Playing an impromptu game of Hide and Seek? I'm not sure what Brandon was doing back behind the Christmas tree here...

A few days after Christmas we had a party with my side of the family. Mary, Ryan and family came down from Idaho and we even got Rachel involved through skype. (Or some sort of similar program...)
The bug that had Julianne puking her way through Christmas Eve had made it's way to Rebekah who ended up spending this Christmas party on the floor in the back bedroom...poor thing.

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Mindy said...

Looks like a great Christmas. Glad everyone is feeling better now. Can't wait for breakfast.