Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Bryan

It's Bryan's birthday today. He stayed home from work and spent the whole day with me! We went shopping and bought him a brand new garage door opener. And let me tell you, that's an exciting birthday present because now he won't have to scrape the ice off his car each morning as he leaves from work. Or brush the snow off either, like yesterday. Yesiree, now all we have to do is install the thing.
Somehow, even though it's his birthday, I ended up with Michael Buble concert tickets and a new Palm Pre phone.
Well we could say that the tickets are really a gift from my sister, Melissa, who excitedly offered to go with me so Bryan didn't have to feel bad about me going by myself since he is not a Michael Buble fan. And the Palm Pre? He's been begging me for months to get one because he loves his own so much. I guess it's only fitting that he finally gets me using one on his special day, right?
All kidding was wonderful spending the day together. He is my forever sweetheart and my best friend. I love him! Oh, how I love him!!


Mindy said...

That's fun that he stayed home for his birthday. I'm glad you had a good day together.

Katie said...

Happy Birthday, Bryan! We are glad you are in the family!

Mary said...

I'm assuming you're keeping your old number? Not that I ever call it or anything...