Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bottling sleep

"Wouldn't it be nice if we could bottle sleep?" said Julianne as she prepared for a late night of homework with a subsequent earlier-than-usual morning wake-up call a few hours later. During the summer, she said....morning after morning of sleeping late. She wished it were possible to bottle that extra sleep to stock up and save for those times during the school year when she needed to get through those long nights of math homework and essay writing or mornings where she is required to be at the school by 6:30AM for a rehearsal or meeting.

Or how about a sleep factory? Where people are employed to sleep...and you could purchase bottles of zzzzz's to supplement your own. Can you imagine it? I mean, I'm assuming the sleep factory would have to be rather particular about who they hired. After all, if it is sleep they are after, insomniacs clearly need not apply. And they'd want to offer a quality product so restless sleepers like me who toss and turn all night long would likely not get hired either...

But what about dreaming? Aren't those kind of crucial to our well being? Supposedly dreaming assists our body with rest and rejuvenation but also in a psychological way, our dreams help reduce stress by reexamining the day's events and shifting through thoughts while we sleep. Some believe that the symbolism of our dreams are how our minds subconsciously communicate with us. If we bought bottled sleep, would we be viewing the dreams of someone else? How potentially confusing would that be for our psyches?

Maybe rather than bottle sleep we should find a way to bottle time so we could spend more of it on sleep when needed. Or perhaps just borrow one of those fancy time turners from Harry Potter...

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