Friday, April 3, 2015

Four bedrooms

It's spring break. Because Rebekah at USU does not have time off this week and because Julianne is in Disneyland performing with CentreStage Theatre, that leaves four of us. And because Bryan has deadlines and Brandon hates to miss gymnastics, we did not plan any sort of spring break get-away. And truth be told, with all the traveling we did last year, the idea of relaxing at home was kind of a nice one, you know? So it's been a quiet week for us. Most of our neighborhood is gone and it feels a bit like a ghost town. My Instagram and Facebook accounts are overflowing with pictures of spring break adventures. Disneyland, Hawaii, NY, Oregon, St. George, San Diego, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas....just to name a few.

But beyond living vicariously through my friends and neighbors, I've been trying to spend my time doing some cleaning and various projects that I've been putting off for awhile. Spring cleaning for spring break? Not quite as exciting as travel, maybe...but still satisfying. I had wanted to dig into my yard work this week but the weather isn't being quite as cooperative as I had hoped.

So before I climb back up on my ladder to change some more lightbulbs and continue dusting my ceiling fans, here are a couple of pictures I took yesterday. I found myself in and out of each of my children's rooms multiple times, putting things away and was struck by the variety. I mean, of course they are going to have different styles of decor. They are four distinctly different people and their bedrooms are their sanctuaries. Different personalities, different things they are involved in or interested in.
But, here....look at this.

Rebekah's room doesn't get used as much seeing as she spends more of her time in her Logan apartment right now. But that Union Jack hanging in her bedroom represents the excitement of her upcoming LDS mission to London in 6 weeks.

Julianne hung those hearts up on her wall back in February. In honor of Valentines Day and her birthday which go hand in hand seeing they are just a few days apart. She hasn't taken them down, mostly I think because she is a big fan of love and romance any time of year.

The walls of Brandon's room are plastered with gymnastics ribbons, medals, plaques and pictures. But right now the ceiling is also covered in balloons because his birthday was last week. We're conducting an see how long it takes for them to shrivel. We count a few new ones each evening.

Lilian's room is a pig sty. We're just waiting for her to grow a curly tail and start oinking. Either that or a phone call from the reality show Hoarders. But see that pink Christmas tree? Each of the kids have one in different colors. It's supposed to just come out during the month of December. But she refuses to let me store it in the basement when Christmas is over and has had it sitting on her dresser, lights on 24/7 for a good year and 4 months. It's more or less turned into her nightlight. And she sometimes hangs various things from it...necklaces and other such decor. Right now she's got an Easter bunny and chick tucked in there. Luckily the rest of her room is pink and purple so the pink tree matches at least in color if not in season.

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