Tuesday, April 14, 2015

a 14-year old Brandon

His birthday was a Thursday. And even though I offered to take him to breakfast or lunch on his big day and let him miss a bit of school, he refused. Wanted to hang out with his friends. Nor was he willing to miss his gymnastics workout that evening. How's a mom to celebrate?

Well, this for starters.
And this was actually Plan B. Plan A had me forking all these balloons into the front lawn. A sea of color bobbing ever so slightly in the breeze. Except the breeze was more stiff than was helpful. And the grass was so dry from our winter-that-wasn't that the blades of grass kept popping the balloons! So I frantically relocated all the balloons into his room and taped them to his ceiling. And realistically, it probably looked better there than it would've had Plan A actually worked out. 

But just so I still had something waiting for him outside when he came home from school....
...I chalked up the driveway with an enormous Happy Birthday Brandon message. I'm sure my neighbors were wondering what on earth I was doing...reverting back to childhood perhaps...making chalk pictures like my 7-year old. (And when she came home, she was so delighted with the whole thing she spent the next hour adding to my creations and making them that much more colorful and creative. Thanks, Lilian.)

I sent three dozen donuts to gym with Brandon to share with his teammates in honor of his big birthday. And then when he came home there were enchiladas and a big chocolate oreo cake per his request waiting for him. We weren't able to eat birthday dinner and open presents until 10:00...but the birthday boy is worth waiting up late for. 

He's a good kid, this son of mine. He gives awesome hugs, even to his mom, almost every day. He is not shy about telling me how much he loves me. And he talks to me...shares with me his ups and downs, girl stories and gym workout stories and how his classes are going. He asks questions and takes my advice. I'm a lucky mom.

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