Wednesday, April 8, 2015


When people ask me what my favorite color is, I usually struggle a bit before giving on an answer. I can never decide on just one favorite and on any given day, my answer will likely be different than the one before. Sometimes I go through phases. A few years ago I was enamored of turquoise blue. Apple green often tends to be a top contender. But occasionally orange will pop out. Or yellow. Or red. I really can't make up my mind. Sometimes the dazzling blue of a fall sky, the creamsicle orange of a sunset, the perfect red of a ripe tomato...just so beautiful it almost hurts. Colors in all their shades and hues, I am a fan.

Home decor in clean, crisp, white and gold is very popular right now...couches, cabinetry, accent tables, linens. It is incredibly beautiful, but it's not my style. I want pops of color my throw pillows and rugs, the lamp on my bedside table, the spines of books on the shelves, the art on the walls, the holiday/seasonal decor. I also love my dark wood that feels cozy and grand and reminiscent of libraries.

When getting dressed this morning I picked a pair of brown corduroy pants and a long sleeved cream-colored sweater to wear. It's raining today, and chilly. Truth be told, even if the sky was bright blue with sun shining and temperatures very warm and spring-like, I'd still likely be wearing neutrals rather than bright colors. Strangely enough despite my love affair with color, the same does not hold true of the clothes I dress myself in each day. And though my closet does have color in it, my go-to's are grey, navy blue, black, white and cream. Every now and again I'll add a pop of color with shoes, a cardigan or a scarf. I feel like on most days I dress stylishly, but almost always in those same neutral colors.

Why is that?

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