Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Around the World in Sadie Days

Julianne asked her good friend Isaac to Sadie Hawkins this year. Isaac and Julianne met at CentreStage Theatre and have been in many shows together over the years. The two of them also tend to be duet buddies and have sung together a few different times for various events.

Isaac answered Julianne by setting our street on fire. Yep. As I was putting Lilian to bed, I saw movement out her darkened window and realized that this must be Julianne's Sadie's answer. But having learned my lesson from accidentally interrupting Julianne being asked to Sweethearts a month earlier, I kept this news to myself and continued to peek covertly. Isaac and his buddy spent some time doing something on our front porch and then down the driveway before ending in the street near the gutter. I could not figure out what they were doing until everything got lit. And then I heard the doorbell ring....

The poster on the front porch said: "The Sadies Dance will be a blast! To see my answer, hurry fast! This answer looks best at night...read it in the FIRELIGHT!"
Sprinkled around the poster were bunches of starburst candies and a few tea lights with more leading down the steps and driveway out to this...
Isn't that awesome? Julianne was absolutely delighted. Apparently it was hand sanitizer that he painted on the street and lit on fire. It looked so cool!

Everyone in their Sadie's group except for one were theatre geeks...and that one could've been in terms of personality so they all got along great. They had their day activity at our house....making personal pizzas and then building a blanket fort in the basement to watch movies in. From down the hall Bryan and I could hear them listening to a musical theatre playlist as they were cooking and having conversations that revolved around such thing as how amazing Lady Gaga's performance at the Emmy Awards was where she sang that medley from Sound of Music, etc. Bryan and I both laughed....Bryan with a bit of an eye roll and me with more of a fist pump/"you know it!!" sort of attitude.

Before the dance they stopped at the park for pictures....
 Abby and Dillon, Lance and Alyssa, Isaac and Julianne, Liz and Jordan

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