Tuesday, November 26, 2013


In my opinion, Julianne played the part of Scuttle brilliantly in the production of The Little Mermaid that she performed with her local theatre group recently. She continually blows me away every time I see her perform. And though it may be presumptuous of me to say so, I do actually feel that I am experienced enough in theatre and music to pass judgement on her skills. So though I am her mother, I don't think it's solely based on bias when I say that my kid is good!

Unfortunately I made a rookie blogger mistake and left my nice camera at home. So the pictures that follow are taken with my iPhone. Which might have not been too bad seeing as they were performing in their studio which isn't the hugest of spaces anyhow...but I was not able to snag myself a front row seat. Less than stellar camera combined with a seat on the second to back row equals somewhat grainy pictures. Hmph. But I'm using them anyhow....probably more than you care to see. Because I am a proud mama.

 "Whoa, what a swim!"

This show was actually put together in preparation for a trip to the Junior Theatre Festival being held in Atlanta, Georgia in January. They are only allowed to take 15 minutes worth of material to the festival so these 5 performances were not only so the parents could see the show, but also an audition of sorts. The director brought in a couple of judges to each show to watch and rate each scene and help decide which sections would head to Georgia. This was Julianne's biggest goal....to get her big scene to the festival. Because though Scuttle is featured in numerous parts of the show, her main scene is when Ariel comes to Scuttle to ask about "Human Stuff"....and Julianne gets to sing a very hilarious song with back up "gulls" and all sorts of choreography.

I personally thought it was the best scene of the show. (Bias or experience?) And so Julianne was thrilled (and I felt gratified) to learn a few days later that her "Human Stuff" scene consistently ranked at the top of each judge's list for all five shows. And hey... it's going to Georgia!

"Oh no. I can't make out a heartbeat..."

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