Friday, November 22, 2013


How lucky, yes...that both Josh Groban and Michael Buble had concert tours this year and played in Salt Lake City just a few weeks apart? I've seen both of them in concert before in past years so you would think that I could save a few bucks and say "been there, done that." But see, because I have "been there, done that" I know first hand what their concerts are like which makes me more likely to say..."I want to do that AGAIN!!!" They are both tremendous performers, and of course, very swoon-worthy...ear candy and eye candy all in one package.

I saw Josh Groban with Chellie, Kami and friends from childhood, we all grew up in the same neighborhood and church ward. Lori introduced us to Josh Groban way back when he first arrived on the music scene and we often drooled over his music on our various girls night out activities. But strangely enough as of this past summer when the concert tour was announced and tix went on sale, though the rest of us had been to JG concerts in the past, Lori had not. So we decided that this time, the four of us TOGETHER needed to go. And seriously, one of the highlights for me was watching Lori's reaction.

A few of Josh's funnier (and/or sillier) of his random quotes:
* "I feel like this is the Bieber moment of the show." (Actually both JG and MB mocked the Biebster.)
* "I must have really dirty shoes...I'm making Converse tracks all over my stage! I like's like following a trail of Reeses Pieces. 'ET phone home...'"
* "You treat me like a piece of meat, Salt Lake City.....I like it!"
* "My hair is really fluffy today..."
* You guys actually have great rhythm! It's always a pet peeve when we ask the audience to clap and then...they can't. So yay you!!"

Last time Michael Buble was in town my sister Melissa and I went together and got cheap seats. We repeated, but upped the experience by springing for closer seats this time around. And though I feel slightly traitorous for saying this, though I've been to 3 Josh Groban concerts now and they have all been amazing and fabulously enjoyable, I still think MB ultimately puts on a better show. Michael Buble had me laughing so hard my cheeks hurt. There was confetti and fireworks. His stage was phenomenal, the things it could one of the videos I took you can actually hear me say, "Oh my gosh....WOW!" He just constantly kept us on our toes but was so personable all at the same time. He joked around about us all being Mormons and how he felt "a little left out." He commented that "You guys are living proof that you don't need alcohol to have a good time!" And then after we all cheered, he followed that up with, "And now the biggest surprise of coffee for everyone!" But seriously, my friend Lori's brother works for (or did in the recent past) a radio station and so rubs shoulders with all sorts of music types. And he has told Lori that musicians like playing in Salt Lake City because most of us don't drink and are therefore sober. Which means that instead of playing to a drunk and high audience, we actually "get" their show. We can focus on and really appreciate the music and they can actually interact with us as an audience. Interesting little tidbit there.

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